Karther Madison

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Anonymous asked: You are so beautiful <3

Thankyou 💗💗

tonight-im-an-alley-cat asked: What kind of hair dye do you typically use/ how long does it last?

I use crazy colours and lariche directions and it will last dependant on how many times u wash your hair x

Anonymous asked: What hair dye do you use? I've been wanting to try pastel colors but I know nothing about light color rinses

Mainly crazy colours x


My 2k13 colour story

Can’t believe this got so much notes !!!

(via kyytamo)

foreveryoungpocahontas asked: I'm like so in love with your fashion sense and your bloody gorgeous x

Thankyou beautiful baby 💗

mylifeasqueenb asked: you're so pretty! You look good in every hair color <3 I have purple dip dyed hair, but I wish I had they guts to dye all my hair.

Thankyou so much lovely 💖