Karther Madison

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satansseed said: Are you mixed with anything. I love your hair colors btw

Thank you my darling 💖 and I’m black half South African half Dominican x

usually-crying said: How did you get peach hair?

Mixed crazy colour i think it was like orange with loads of conditioner x

femmeasfuck said: I'm in Berlin!!! <3 kind of close lol!

Yaaaaay lemme know wen ur gonna be in London sooo excited 💖💖

5ifthave said: I like ya Stilo ma

Thank ya much appreciated 💗

ntbx said: Wow you are literally gorgeous. Instantly followed you. By the way I love your hair colors they suit you so well.

Awww thank you so much baby 💕💕

affyvy said: hey ! i don' know if u remember me ? ahah lol i'm a french black girl, i was in London in soho 2 weeks ago when i asked u if u knowed where i can found KTZ and vintage cloths and if the shop of "shade london" exist ! you answerd me that it was only online or in AA ... I came across your tumblr completely with a good chance as a picture of you in my dashboard has appeared and I recognized you! Answer please if you remember me :D I love your photos and ur style! XOXO from me : Fleur aka AFFYVY !

Oh heyyyy I do the girl with the purple plaits . I hope I told you the right thing I wasn’t too sure and how are you sweetie? Did you manage to find some cool clothes at the vintage store ? xxx 💖

1789th said: yoo girl (: you look amazing. what product did you use to get that grey? I want to do that color to the ends of my hair. x)

Lilac from crazy colours It wasn’t supposed to come out like that but I ended up liking it 💜💜

animillik said: I just came across your blog and I have the biggest girl crush now dear lord 💕_💕

Thank you baby 😊😘💖

thecakeisalive said: you are an actual literal queen and so gorgeous omg x

Omg like thank you sooooo much u are literally the sweetest 💕💕

apatiju said: u are literally the ultimate babe

No wayyy but I’m flattered you think so 💕💕