Karther Madison

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1789th said: yoo girl (: you look amazing. what product did you use to get that grey? I want to do that color to the ends of my hair. x)

Lilac from crazy colours It wasn’t supposed to come out like that but I ended up liking it 💜💜

animillik said: I just came across your blog and I have the biggest girl crush now dear lord 💕_💕

Thank you baby 😊😘💖

thecakeisalive said: you are an actual literal queen and so gorgeous omg x

Omg like thank you sooooo much u are literally the sweetest 💕💕

apatiju said: u are literally the ultimate babe

No wayyy but I’m flattered you think so 💕💕

silencevolumes said: i like your face and ur gap &your frequent hair color changes. u da bomb lmao, showin love <3

Appreciate it lovely 💖

killa-wolf said: Do you know a place where I can get a masculine septum ring similar to the one in your header?

Etsy has really good septum rings x

Follow my Instagram guys going to be posting a lot of my work ….real soon
Ig; Originaluglygirl

myblvckchanel said: Can u make a YouTube vid on how u dye your hair

Maybe need to get myself a good camera first


FKA Twigs at Webster Hall, NYC

The Ideal

(via taylorroanna)


FKA Twigs by Dmitry Khokhlov

for Catalogue Magazine (2014)