Karther Madison

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bvley said: I'm so glad I found your tumblr again :) I came across it a year ago thinking that I followed you; but then I realised I didn't :-( but hey your pictures are stunning.

Heyy gurl glad you found me again 😘

malicemarionette said: I LOOOVE your style!

😘😘😘 you’re too kind

cuntr0versial said: Babe you're do hella stupid beautiful! 💖 I just accidentally unfollowed you for 3 seconds in attempting to send you this ask 😱

Haha thank you princess I’m glad it was only a temporary unfollow 💜💗💜

yellowpistols said: Girl I used to have my hair a light grey like that, & hellla ppl used to call me Storm 😒 lol bt I Looove your style! I'm super into your blog rn

Thank u sweetie appreciate the love 💗

lavenderdream13 said: You are absolutely gorgeous! Why haven't I been following you this whole time!? Love the blog! 💚

Yayyy u found me now 💗💗

chipotleaf said: you're radiant.

Hehehe you’re to kind angel 💗

mans-existentialdilemma said: You are so gorji tho!

Urghhhhh 😫 like seriously look at u ur like the definition of perfection 😭💗

nt gonna lie was hardcore fangirling

imnotgoodatthiss said: i'm in love with your gray hair and you're so beautiful :')

You ‘re too kind 💜💗💜💗💜😘