Karther Madison

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50 shades of Kay

iambrendajoe said: How did you get your hair that color?

Well this time I Toned with purple shampoo and conditioner like twice in a time span of like three days and it went a really silvery


So happy to be the first doll Nikki’s shot w armpit hair! Check me out in her new lookbook for her new line Babeland in Scott Hove’s Cakeland!!! 

femmeasfuck looooove , send me Your measurements babe can’t wait for you to model for me 💖

satansseed said: Are you mixed with anything. I love your hair colors btw

Thank you my darling 💖 and I’m black half South African half Dominican x

usually-crying said: How did you get peach hair?

Mixed crazy colour i think it was like orange with loads of conditioner x

femmeasfuck said: I'm in Berlin!!! <3 kind of close lol!

Yaaaaay lemme know wen ur gonna be in London sooo excited 💖💖